• Q: What are the different band programs at Wakefield High School?
    A: Marching Band, Color Guard/Auxiliary, Symphonic Band, Concert Band, Jazz Ensemble, Jazz Lab, and Guitar.
  • Q: Why participate in marching band?
    A: Marching band is an excellent social activity for incoming freshmen. They become familiar with the school prior to the first day, and they make friends in all classes. The camaraderie continues throughout the year, even after the marching season is over.
  • Q: What is Color Guard/Auxiliary?
    A: The Guard/Auxiliary is used to refer to the students that are carrying and performing with flags, rifles, and sabers, and many other props during performances.
  • Q: Do parents have to complete an athletics registration form for their students to participate in marching band and/or color guard/auxiliary?
    A: Marching band and color guard/auxiliary members must be registered for athletic participation.  This must be completed prior to August 7, 2023.  Here is the link to the Wakefield HS athletic registration information.
  • Q: What are some of the key dates for the start of the band 2023 season?
    A: Marching Band Camp (Mandatory), August 7-25, 2023.  Band Camp Schedule.
  • Q: What is band camp in the summer weeks, what is it all about, and how can I help?
    A: Marching band starts to play at the Wakefield home football games in the fall as soon as the season starts. This summer band camp provides instruction time and practice for marching and the new music program at halftime and fall competitions as well as “pep band” spirit music.
  • Q: How will marching band members eat dinner during band camp?
    A: Due to field availability, band camp occurs in the afternoon and evening in August. Parents are requested to sign up online and bring in food items for band camp dinners during these three weeks to help provide nutritious options other than fast food for the students. This also provides parents the opportunity to get to know each other in support of the marching band. A link to the sign up list is posted on the Home page.
  • Q: When is the first marching band performance?
    A:  The first home football game is with Hayfield High School, Thursday, August 31, 3:30pm – 10:00pm.
  • Q: What time commitment is expected of marching band members?
    A: All marching band members are expected to attend all rehearsals. Please inform Mr. Jessup of schedule conflicts (especially for incoming freshman). Carpools by parents are encouraged; come to our Band Patron meetings to meet other parents living near you and work out carpools!
  • Q: Are there additional activity fees/costs associated with these programs?
    A: Yes, there are activity fees for Marching Band, Guard/Auxiliary, Symphonic Band, and Concert Band to cover uniform cleaning and maintenance, transportation, and competition fees for the 2023-2024 academic year. (Note: Marching Band activity fees can be paid online using PayPal through the Band Patrons website or by check payable to Wakefield High School (put MB 2023 and your child’s name on checks). There are reduced activity fee options for those qualifying for reduced-price and free lunch.)
    – Download the 2023 Activity Fee Schedule.
    – Symphonic Band, fee TBD payable to WHS.
    – Concert Band, fee TBD payable to WHS.
    – Jazz Ensemble, no additional fee.
    – Percussion Ensemble, fee TBD payable to WHS.
    Band activity fees go to the Wakefield High School Band Program, 1325 S. Dinwiddie St., Arlington, VA 22206.
    – Indoor Percussion and Winter Guard/Auxiliary – in conjunction w/Yorktown High School – these fees are collected by Yorktown Band Boosters, cost TBD.
  • Q: What is “Pit Crew?”
    A: The Pit Crew are the people who help move equipment for the percussion section and the Drum Major stand on and off the performance area or field for the marching band during home game performances, competitive performances, and other events such as the pyramid concert.
  • Q: Why are parent volunteers needed to help with Pit Crew?
    A: Because the students are marching or otherwise carrying equipment and because the percussion equipment takes more than a couple of people to move, parents are asked to help volunteer for home football games, competitions, and other events to help with moving this equipment.
  • Q: Do parent volunteers have to complete an APS volunteer application?
    A: Yes, to ensure the safety of students, staff and visitors all volunteers coming in to help with uniforms, dinners, props, pit equipment, football games, competitions, etc. need to complete the APS volunteer application.  This APS volunteer application form only needs to be submitted every other year.
  • Q: What is Wakefield High School Band Patrons?
    A: A group of band parents and friends of the Wakefield High School bands that support band activities to include carpool rides, fundraisers, meals and informational exchange.
  • Q: Where can I learn more about Wakefield High School Band activities and volunteer opportunities?
    A: Visit the Wakefield Band Patrons website at https://wakefieldband.org/ or follow Wakefield High School Band on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/groups/271157666422012/
    or visit the APS Wakefield High School website at https://wakefield.apsva.us/performing-arts/band/. The best way to stay informed about band activities is to join the Wakefield HS Band’s Google group at https://groups.google.com/forum/#!forum/wakefieldwarriorsband.
  • Q: What fundraisers are conducted to support the band throughout the year?
    A: Tag Day, bake sales at home football games, “flocking” events, Jazz Café, and local restaurant patronage with a portion of the profits going to the band program. Tag Day supports the entire Wakefield High School music department. Concessions, Jazz Café, bake sales, restaurant nights are all fundraisers to raise Band Patron funds for the band.
  • Q: What is “Tag Day”?
    A: Tag Day will be held on Saturday, September 16, 2023. All high school music students to include members of the Bands, Orchestra, and Chorus go door to door throughout the Wakefield High School student neighborhoods seeking donations to help the music department. This is an activity supervised by volunteer parents/adults, and it includes all Arlington County High Schools.
  • Q: What is the Jazz Café?
    A: In the spring, a jazz café atmosphere is set up at Wakefield High School, and the jazz ensemble and jazz lab performs. Tickets are sold and a silent auction is conducted to raise funds.
  • Q: What are Band Patron funds used for?
    A: The funds raised by the Band Patrons are used to provide additional clinicians for band instruction, sheet music, band instrument purchase, instrument repair, guard flags, and props that are not covered by the music budget. Band Patrons funds also provide scholarships for students to attend music camps and for seniors for further education.
  • Q: What are school sponsored band funds used for?
    A: Marching Band travel, Spring Trip, uniforms, concert attire, and basic band equipment.
  • Q: Where will the band go on its spring trip in 2024?
    a. A spring trip 2024 is to be determined.
  • Q: What is a pyramid concert?
    A: This is a non-competitive performance with Arlington County Bands at one of the local high schools to showcase the different bands to include the Middle school and High school bands.